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Just Stay Hotels, with eight hotels in Portugal, has adopted Continia Document Capture solution, implemented by Arquiconsult.

To streamline the process of invoicing reception and validation between the various hotels, Just Stay Hotels opted for Continia solution that optimizes and automates the workflow inherent to the suppliers invoicing, from the document delivery to their subsequent search in archive.

Through administrative practices standardization, the program allows a faster and less bureaucratized response from each hotel unit, which annually generates an average of eight thousand documents.

Now, with Continia solution, it is possible to collect information from PDF files or scanned documents, gathering easily searchable and editable data. All received documents are loaded and processed automatically throughOCR (Optical Character Recognition), generating effective savings in the handling of unstructured information, as well as, in digital file.

This Portuguese hotel chain intends to stand out in market, having as mission the guarantee of quality services, transforming them into differentiating and innovative experiences, provided by focused teams on its customers’ needs.

By adopting a socially responsible and ethical management model, their concerns are also aimed at sustained growth based on best management practices.


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