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| Wednesday, 30 September 2020 |

Business Digitization with Continia Solution

Society today is marked by the urgency to accelerate the digitalization of activities, imposed by unexpected circumstances that have taken companies and organizations all over the world by surprise. From one moment to the next, the manager finds himself grappling with the need to restructure work processes, with all the challenges inherent to this change, of which we highlight the introduction of new technological tools.

If before, a manager could postpone technological renewal, postponing this need, today this is unthinkable. And new tools impose new work processes, new task management, users Training, the need for remote results and indicators control and a quick adaptation to this new reality.

It is in this panorama that Document Management solutions are becoming more prominent in organizations more than ever. For the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP user, the Continia Document Capture solution allows you to scan invoices and other documents directly from the ERP, saving hours of manual labor and substantially reducing human error.

Continia's solution optimizes and automates all workflow processes, from receiving a document to its subsequent search. Simultaneously allows automatic document registration, data extraction via OCR (Optical Character Recognition), an advanced approval flow and a searchable and fully indexed digital file. And paper documents can be scanned and registered in the same way.

We point out as the main benefit of this solution the gain of time and efficiency in the treatment of unstructured information, namely in the registration, in the approval process, in the digital archive and in the search of documents, with a quick return on investment.

Several companies, from very different sectors, have adopted this solution in view of its benefits. Arquiconsult has witnessed a significant increase in national and international customers of this solution and believes that this trend will continue.

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