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What is YAVEON ProBatch?

The vertical solution for the process industry of YAVEON ProBatch presents a set of modules and functionalities that have been developed to support the business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large organizations. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ™ application platform and YAVEON ProBatch implements business solutions that optimizes supply chain, support production processes, and improve the organization's logistics and "time-to-market" availability.

This solution supports business processes and ensures compliance with regulatory procedures, industry standards processes, as well as the application of operational procedures and quality policies of organizations.


  • 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  • Update with new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies;
  • International implementation capacity;
  • Full visibility on traceability and lots;
  • Control of rejection and acceptance criteria for raw materials and products, Quality control;
  • Monitoring and tracing of production revenues;
  • Production Costs calculation;
  • Production Planning definition;
  • Warehouse and Logistics processes associated with Production;
  • Management of additional texts revenue and finished product;
  • Parameterizable business rules in the system;
  • Possibility of integrating mobile systems for logistics operations, quality control and sales;
  • Rigorous Supplier Assessment, Raw Material Quality and Delivery Commitment;
  • Compliance with FDA / CE standards.