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What is Mobile WMS?

Mobile WMS

This mobile solution for warehouse management, developed by Arquiconsult with its partner Tasklet Factory, is the next generation of applications supporting the work processes in a warehouse. It has a user interface, whose graphic simplicity allows an ease use, can be configured and adjusted to each user. Your warehouse employees will be more efficient and make fewer mistakes because the mobile solution for warehouse management provides the tools and information needed to work effectively.

Information can be looked up directly and the user can make decisions based on it. It is even possible to register changes if e.g. items are moved from one shelf to another.Installation and support of the solution is easy since it integrates directly with the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All minor customizations like changing the information displayed or the features available to a specific user are handled in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, without the need of aditional technical design.

Reduce error by eliminating paperwork

Changing your paper or form based work to a fully automated mobile solution integrated with your business system will reduce the number of errors significantly and increase the efficienty of your operations. All item registrations are validated using the built-in barcode scanner, preventing the user from making mistakes.

Improve Customer Service

With the Mobile WMS application you are able to deliver orders on time and with fewer errors. The customer expects perfect delivery in a consistent way and now you can. The Mobile WMS application is used in the pharmaceutical industry and by other customers with "zero tolerance for errors".

Mobile Solution WMS enables the optimization of a set of activities, such as:

Article Entry Record

Register items arriving at your warehouse and register where they are placed.

Article Dispatch Record

Pick items for orders and prepare them for shipment.

Internal movements Registry

Register item movements as they occur. This could be moving items from the storage area to the picking area.