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Microsoft announced on Tuesday the general availability of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (version 24).

All online tenants will now begin receiving notifications with their scheduled update dates.

The on-premises version of BC24 will be available soon.

Below are some of the most interesting features available with the new version of D365 Business Central.


Application Improvements

  • Archive projects – The archiving functionality for projects mirrors what is already known from the sales and purchase domains. There is also the option to configure projects for automatic archiving, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Create projects you can invoice to multiple customers – For each project task line, now there is the ability to specify both the Bill-to Customer No. and the Sell-to Customer No.
  • Assign salesperson to customer ship-to addresses – Assigning salespeople to the shipping location, rather than the billing address, ensures accurate sales reports by reflecting the true geographical distribution of sales.
  • Invoice a customer for multiple projects – Streamline the invoicing process by consolidating multiple projects into a single invoice, minimizing manual effort and enhancing accuracy. Add project planning lines from multiple projects to a sales invoice all at once. This process resembles creating a sales invoice from a project planning line.
  • Create sales lines easily with Copilot – In this Business Central release, Copilot is equipped to propose and aid in the creation of sales lines on sales documents such as Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, and Sales Invoices, leveraging structured input or natural language. This significantly reduces manual input for users, enhancing operational efficiency.


Technical Improvements

  • Use in-client page scripting tool for acceptance testing – Empowers users to record their interactions, including opening pages and inputting data, and replay them as needed. These recordings can be saved and shared with others for subsequent playback. A significant application for this tool is its utility in capturing and executing user acceptance tests.
  • Define extension objects in same app as their base object – It is now possible to define extensions to objects within the same app as the object itself. This offers the flexibility to group related functionality into smaller contributions, simplifying the process of later transferring them to a separate app as part of refactoring.
  • Debug the System application – Debugging of the System application is now enabled, benefiting both development and troubleshooting of applications, as well as facilitating Open Source contributions to the System application itself.
  • Handle multiple file uploads and file drop zones – Developers now have the capability to manage multiple file uploads and designate various page segments as file drop zones.


See the full list of what’s new and planned for Business Central in the link below:

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central