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Last week Arquiconsult was present at Days of Knowledge Nordic, a Directions 4 Partners conference that took place in Odense, Denmark. From the 16th to 18th of October, we had the opportunity to attend several sessions and also to be speakers on our own session. It was really exciting to share our knowledge and experience with the community.

Below are some of the more interesting insights about the content we had access to:



We attended 3 workshops about the following subjects:

  1. Developing custom APIs for Business Central – Arend-Jan Kauffmann (MVP) was the speaker leading this workshop. Being an expert on integrations and APIs he delivered great content about how to develop custom APIs, either from scratch or based on the standard APIs delivered by Microsoft.
  2. Continia Document Capture – this workshop was delivered by Mikkel Reesbøll and it was great to see more in detail the document capture advanced approval. He also gave us a hint of what is coming next so we must be prepared for Contracts/Subscriptions management with this release in October.
  3. Continia Document Output – also delivered by Continia and the speaker was Thomas Droob, in this workshop we had the opportunity to get an overview of this new module with the guidelines for the setup and usage.


Technical Sessions

These were some of the sessions attended by Arquiconsult, which we chose as the most interesting:

  1. What’s new in Server and Database: delivered by Microsoft, in this session we got an overview of the enhancements that have been made recently in Business Central server and database. Performance improvements, permissions and telemetry were the main topics.
  2. Plug-and-play DevOps with AL-Go for GitHub: Freddy Kristiansen was the host of a session where he presented the new plug-and-play CI/CD tool to get full control of source code. This will require further internal investigation as we are currently using Azure DevOps.

More info here

  1. Troubleshooting and Debugging Business Central Online: presented by Microsoft, we had the chance to take a deeper look at various tools as: in-client profiler, normal debugger, snapshots and performance profiler.
  2. Integration with Power Automate: presented by Microsoft, give us an example of how we can have a flow on a Business Central. It is possible to pass a couple of parameters to the flow and we were shown how easy it was to create and maintain it.
  3. More than 20 dos and don’ts related to Appsource: in the session the speaker, Krzysztof Bialowas, shared his experience of more than 2 years publishing apps on AppSource. More than publishing an app, the big challenge is how to stay on AppSource.
  4. Business Central permission system revisited: Stig Killendahl presented the features that were added to the permission module in order to simplify this complex process that usually takes a while on the implementation process. The focus on this features is to simplify the permission sets.


We will share more detailed content about the sessions in the next ArquiTips initiatives.


Arquiconsult session: Start to integrate Azure Functions with Business Central – a practical case

Start to integrate Azure Functions with Business Central – a practical case

In this session, we had the opportunity to present a solution developed by us, that is currently being used to track the licensing of our offers on AppSource, called License Monitor. The main purpose of sharing this solution was to encourage other developers to try Azure Functions as an extension of their current development capabilities.