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Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (version 21).

All online tenants will now start receiving notifications with their scheduled update dates.

The BC21 on-premises version can be downloaded here.

Below are some of the most interesting features available with the new version of D365 Business Central.


Application Improvements

  • Financial reporting replaces account schedules – The account schedule is now named Financial Reporting. Financial reports provide a place for calculations that can’t be made directly in the chart of accounts. For example, you can create subtotals for groups of accounts and then include that total in other totals. Another example is to calculate profit margins on dimensions such as departments or customer groups. Additionally, you can filter general ledger entries and budget entries, for example, by net change or debit amount.
  • Find posted and non-posted document lines in search – Increase productivity by finding not posted lines, using the in-product search field and bookmark links to the documents on your home page for easy access to the original document or a filtered view.
  • Track items that are used in projects, including picks – The Item Tracking module was extended to cover Job Planning Lines. You can now track the flow of the transactions either warranties or expiration dates, speeding up the actual consumption at later stages, and unlock pick and planning scenarios.


Technical Improvements

  • Combine multiple UI actions with a split button – A new way to promote actions is using the new split buttons. A split button is able to combine multiple actions and render them in a menu, helping to organize most used actions in a page.
  • ApplicationArea on fields defaults to page value – There is no longer the need to add ApplicationArea on all controls in a page if the ApplicationArea is defined in the parent page. The controls contained in a page will now inherit the value of the property defined in the object.
  • NoImplicitWith feature enabled by default – A proof that implicit with will be removed in a proximate release, as announced in ArquiTips #013. With this feature enabled, Implicit With in AL code will show error instead of warning.
  • IntelliSense now includes table keys – To help to identify keys in a table, IntelliSense in AL now shows if a field is part of the primary key.
  • Launch in a specific company from VS Code – A new parameter startupCompany was added to the launch.json file. It is now possible to debug or publish directly from VS Code and open a specific company.
  • New command to generate AL permission set – It is now possible to generate an AL permission object containing the permissions for the extension being developed.


See the full list of what’s new and planned for Business Central in the link below:

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central