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We start 2022 with great news for Arquiconsult!

Our NAVHR Addon is finally available on Microsoft AppSource and we are the first Portuguese partner to have a solution available for Business Central delivered in the cloud model.

2021 arrived with the promise of being another challenging year.

People’s and organization’s life, as we knew it, was shaken in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this moment, concepts such as Remote Work, Lay-Off, Exceptional Support for Progressive Recovery, Exceptional Support for Closing Schools and others became part of the vocabulary of organizations to ensure the social protection of their workers, as well as to minimize the difficult situation that the companies faced.

HR solutions, in particular salary processing solutions, had to adapt to all published legal and tax changes, most of the time, with unclear and informed applicability rules with very short implementation deadlines.

We were committed with customers at this particularly challenging time. We worked hard so that NAVHR could respond to the needs of companies and their people.

2021 also brought us new projects, new customers, new work dynamics, new perspectives, and new opportunities for the evolution of our solution. We made alliances inside and outside the house to get further.

In parallel with all the challenges of 2021, we continued the work to deliver NAVHR in the latest version Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – BC19.

We started projects in this new version and ended the year finalizing the necessary conditions to make NAVHR available on AppSource.

Today we want to share with all of you that we have our Addon on AppSource. NAVHR – the same name, with a renewed image.

navhr addon

We are very grateful to the team involved and who joined us in this project.


Some of the main features in our solution:

  • Data Management, Record and History Maintenance
  • Management of Employment Contracts
  • Control and Marking of Attendance
  • Registration/Import of Variable Movements and Workflow for Approval of Movements of the Month
  • Automatic Calculation of Compensation and Output Proportional
  • Pledge Management
  • Management of various Current Accounts
  • Flexibility in the calculation of Fixed and Variable Remunerations
  • Distribution of Employee Costs
  • Integration with Accounting
  • Document management
  • Sending Remuneration Receipts and Individual Income Statements by email to employees, with the possibility of making them available on the Employee Portal
  • Possibility of integration with other external systems
  • Legal and Statistical reporting

We remain committed to make NAVHR evolve and are already working to make 2022 a year of new improvements in our solution!