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Stepping on to your digital transformation – Business Central

Reasons you might want to move to the cloud:

Gain real-time actionable insights via dashboards in Power BI to make faster, more informed decisions
Empower employees with role-based workspaces that maximize efficiency for superior business outcomes
Increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty by delivering a consistent experience across every touch point
Improve security, privacy, and reliability by storing sensitive business data in highly secure, state-of-the-art data centers owned and managed by Microsoft

Main Benefits

Bridge to the cloud bc

Dual Access Rights
During the promotional term, customers may continue to use, expand, and upgrade their legacy on-premises system while completing the migration without purchasing additional EP.

(Note: Expanding the number of on-premises users requires purchase of additional on-premises licenses).

It's never been easier to settle your monthly bills

Each CSP partners will determine the available billing terms available to each of its customers and all online subscriptions eligible for this promotion have a fixed 3-year (non-cancellable) term.

Team of managers, discussion in IT business office

Dual Use Rights (DUR)
Dual use rights provide for on-premises use of only the current online versions (not prior versions), do not include support or EP benefits, do not enable adding users to an existing on premises system, may require purchase of ancillary products (e.g., SQL), and do not apply to on premises use of “0€” online user licenses.

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0€ Cust/Users.
If and after a customer’s annualized NCE promotional license cost exceeds twice its annual EP cost for equivalent usage, the customer may request extra licenses at no additional cost for use during the promotional period with a value up to, but not exceeding, twice the EP cost. This provision applies only to customers migrating from a Dynamics concurrent user license product to Dynamics 365 Business Central online.

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Starting at September1, 2021

-Dynamics 365 BC-Dynamics 365 Marketing-Sales-Microsoft Dynamics 365-RGPD-Commerce-Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Navision-Microsoft-Softwares-Main-Tool-arqebi

Pay periodically your subscription

-Dynamics 365 BC-Dynamics 365 Marketing-Sales-Microsoft Dynamics 365-RGPD-Commerce-Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Navision-Microsoft-Softwares-Main-Tool-arqebi

Migrate to the cloud at your own pace

Promotion Details

  • Eligible Products: This promotion applies to customers migrating from most Dynamics onpremises products with a 3-year term.
  • Signup Period: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024. To signup, partner must enroll in an applicable CSP NCE subscription with this promotion selected and follow the process below to notify Operations (ROC) to extend its on-premises EP benefits.
  • Promotion Duration: Fixed 3-year term from enrollment. Non-renewable. After promotion ends, normal pricing will apply.
  • Pricing: 40% discount on the standard commercial list price.
  • Licensing Program: Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) (NCE only)
    (*) NCE – New Commerce Experience

Customer Requirements

  • Eligible Dynamics online licenses with an annualized value
  • Customers must maintain the minimum CSP license
  • Customer must have an active EP plan for the on-premises system being migrated
  • Migration must be to a functionally similar product.
  • Promotion is limited to geographies where CSP program and the desired Dynamics 365 online product is available.
  • New customer on cloud product. Customer must not have previously purchased the same online product via legacy CSP or NCE
  • The customer’s original Dynamics on-premises product must have been licensed prior to September 1, 2022.

This promotion is intended for customers committed to migrating to the cloud. Customers returning to or remaining on on-premises licenses after the promotional period who want Enhancement Plan (EP) benefits are subject to normal backpay and penalty policies.


Microsoft reserves the right to discontinue this promotion, and/or to modify these policies and the promotion’s terms, conditions and expected launch date, at any time.