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LS Retail – Complete solution for Furniture

LS Retail has a unified POS and ERP software for furniture stores that provides visibility and overall control of operations. The efficient automations of this software optimize stock and replenishment that allows retailers to focus on hight-return activities.  With real-time data, the single platform integrates shipping tracking, stock management and loyalty programs, which aim to improve service efficiency and customer experience.


Stock Control

With the LS Retail Furniture software solutions, you can quickly and easily manage current stock and goods out of stock, as well as calculating ideal stock replenishment.


Custom items

Manage the complexity of custom and out-of-stock furniture special orders though and easy-to-use, quick-to-learn solution interface. Satisfy your customers’ need for personalization.


Omnichannel experience

The current and future furniture customers are becoming increasingly technology savvy, they are online and demand that their shopping experience is also multi-channel.


Tracking customers’ purchases is easy

Your customers´ information and purchase history are just a click away. This way you can easily identify different customer profiles that can be used to create personalized offers and promotions.


To find more, download our factsheet on LS Central for Furniture.