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LS RETAIL: Omnichannel Solution for commerce, hotels, and restaurants

System with integrated solution, flexible and scalable


Why an LS Retail Solution?

LS Retail offers complete solutions for the management of your business. The solutions are highly configurable and help retailers and hoteliers around the world optimize their business practices, increase revenue, and satisfy new and returning customers – easier, simpler, and faster.

An integrated system

LS Retail offers a consolidated data view, with visibility over all aspects of the business, using a single flexible application, with a personalized design and supported in cloud. Obtain current and accurate information, control all central office operations, evaluate performance in real time and react to changes, making quick and consistent decisions.

Improve Omnichannel strategy

The rapid change in consumer habits requires innovative systems. With the Omnichannel LS Retail solution, you can offer your consumer a personalized and transparent shopping experience. You can use several devices to reach the customer, who decides where, when and what device they will use to make purchases, including on social media.

Scalable in size
and business

It allows you to control and maintain information common to all sales channels, whether traditional or e-commerce stores. Manage products, customers and suppliers, stock level, sales volume, specific orders or loyalty campaigns.

Adaptable to any
business reality

Whether is a single commercial surface or a retail chain, LS Retail has an option for you, supporting mixed businesses with different retail characteristics, from services, hospitality or restaurants. All the functionality of a POS + ERP software is here!

Find out in which industries LS Retal can help you

LS Central for Hotels

LS Retail’s POS and ERP software offers efficiency by providing a complete view of daily operations on a single platform. Specialized for hotels and retail, it allows you to manage reservations, restaurant, tickets, and inventory. Also noteworthy are personalized customer service, improvements in the guest experience, simplified management of multiple
properties, inventory management and optimization of operations.

LS Central for Restaurants

LS Retail’s restaurant management solution facilitates efficient kitchen operations and table management, streamlining orders and ensuring on-time services. The single platform, LS Retail for Restaurants, provides a complete view of the business, interconnecting daily operations with financial processes. Highlights include easy adaptation to requests, centralized reservation management for tables or special events.

This solution further enhances order accuracy, inventory management, and customer loyalty for quick-service restaurants. With a single platform, covering from the front office to the back office, including POS and kitchen, it offers order optimization, centralized control, loyalty programs and adequate training for new employees.


LS Central for Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Our software solution’s integrated platform delivers POS, ERP, loyalty and omnichannel retail trusted by supermarkets globally. It provides full control, boots loyalty, reduces queues, proposes personalized offers, and optimizes operations and stocks. On top of that, it still provides specialized promotions, consistent online and offline experiences,
and comprehensive data view.

LS Central for Optical

LS Retail manages your business without losing an overview of the store performance, from stock management, orders, customer registration or loyalty and support campaigns, based on your customers’ transaction history. LS Retail for Opticians guarantees the management of all functionalities inherent to optical and/or sunglasses stores, optometry offices (with or without retail sales) and ophthalmology clinics.


LS Central for Fashion & Footwear

The unique software platform helps apparel retailers be more competitive. The solution ranges from stock management to customer loyalty, providing central control over costs and commercial data. Developed for the specific needs of this sector, the software simplifies purchase and return processes in e-commerce, thus allowing efficient and integrated management of online and offline retail.

LS Central for Electronics

LS Retail software for electronics stores is an integrates software solution specific to the needs of this industry. This software focuses on providing an overview of the business, optimization of operations, memorable experiences for consumers through its loyalty program and ease in the purchase in the purchase and return process.


LS Central for Furniture

LS Retail has a unified POS and ERP software for furniture stores that provides visibility and overall control of operations. The efficient automations of this software optimize stock and replenishment that allows retailers to focus on hight-return activities.  With real-time data, the single platform integrates shipping tracking, stock management and loyalty programs, which aim to improve service efficiency and customer experience.

LS Central for Pet Stores

Run your pet store efficiently with our integrated POS and ERP system. Sell online and in-store, control stocks without errors and make sustained decisions based on current and reliable data. Elevate the customer experience and create a fun work environment for your team.


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