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LS Retail – Complete solution for Hotels

LS Retail’s POS and ERP software offers efficiency by providing a complete view of daily operations on a single platform. Specialized for hotels and retail, it allows you to manage reservations, restaurant, tickets, and inventory. Also noteworthy are personalized customer service, improvements in the guest experience, simplified management of multiple
properties, inventory management and optimization of operations.


Centralized control

LS Retail covers the entire business form start to finish, from financial management to stock, procurement, retail, food service, reservations, and events.


All in one

Carry out promotions and offers in restaurants, stores, activities and track the result in real time. Set prices only once in the back office and pass them on to all your touchpoints.


Reduce your operating costs

Reduce costs and get fast ROI. With the LS Retail all-in-one system, you can reduce the number of suppliers, solutions, and integration points.


Put the customer at the center

A single software system to execute all operations, track your customers’ interactions and preferences.

To find more, download our factsheet on LS Central for Hotels.