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LS Retail – Complete solution for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Our software solution’s integrated platform delivers POS, ERP, loyalty and omnichannel retail trusted by supermarkets globally. It provides full control, boots loyalty, reduces queues, proposes personalized offers, and optimizes operations and stocks. On top of that, it still provides specialized promotions, consistent online and offline experiences,
and comprehensive data view.


Powerful control of stock

With detailed customer sales information, you can easily manage stock and find the right mix of products to meet sales goals and maximize revenue for each of your supermarkets.


Greater payment speed and flexibility

Increase the speed and flexibility of payment. Our solutions include a copy of each point-of-sale database, providing maximum agility and durability, no matter how many points of sale are used in the store.


Mobile app for customers

Your clients can use it to create shopping lists and you can attract them to your stores by sending personalized offers, promotions, and electronic coupons directly to your customers’ devices.


Advanced Inventory

With wireless technology and electronic shelf labels, product prices can easily change at the central office, allowing you to react quickly to market changes.


Manage of fresh foods

Coordinate aisles and products accurately from the central office. Reduce waste and expenses quickly and easily.


Automatic scale integrator

Make quick and accurate sales of heavy items at the point of sale.

To find more, download our factsheet on LS Central for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores.