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LS Retail – Complete solution for Restaurants

LS Retail’s restaurant management solution facilitates efficient kitchen operations and table management, streamlining orders and ensuring on-time services. The single platform, LS Retail for Restaurants, provides a complete view of the business, interconnecting daily operations with financial processes. Highlights include easy adaptation to requests, centralized reservation management for tables or special events.


Full Control of Restaurants

Replace the many software solutions, with LS Retail for restaurants ad food service companies, with just one software system for the entire company.


Eliminate errors and improve final results

Evaluate dishes to ensure profits, reduce
waste with the correct quantities, speed up table service, reserve books to optimize space and time.


Gain loyalty from your customers and they will return

Provide exceptional customer service. Surprise customers with agility in receiving orders and payments at the table with the mobile solution, with accurate information about ingredients and allergens.


Front office, back office, and kitchen

Have the fixed and mobile solution in the room, back-office management to manage recipes, menus, and promotions. Get control of the kitchen with clear communication with the room, control display system and synchronized dish production.


LS Retail Delivery Connector

Designed for companies that have delivery service and need help managing all delivery channels.

Solution developed by Arquiconsult based on LS Retail to support Delivery Channels with Deliverect in BC. This app integrates all processes of delivery channels and item information, reducing operation costs and staff processes, simplifying your management and accurate the delivery orders process.

To find more, download our factsheet on LS Central for Restaurants.