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LS Retail – Complete solution for Opticals

LS Retail manages your business without losing an overview of the store performance, from stock management, orders, customer registration or loyalty and support campaigns, based on your customers’ transaction history. LS Retail for Opticians guarantees the management of all functionalities inherent to optical and/or sunglasses stores, optometry offices (with or without retail sales) and ophthalmology clinics.


Easy integration

The LS Retail solution for Opticians perfectly integrates all processes, reducing the total cost of operations, simplifying management, and ensuring greater profitability of activities.


Intuitive and easy to use

It’s an intuitive and easy-to-use solution, even for non-technical functions, that gives management full visibility into store performance.


Lens ordering and control

Specific documents for proposals, purchase and order and returns, controls warehouse reception, both in purchase and sales.


Client Management

Notifications to customers by SMS, email, or phone. Access to the history of graduations sales and monitoring of pre-payments associated with an order. Contact lens management: subscriptions, periodic distribution, and billing.

To find more, download our factsheet on LS Opticals.