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It was in an intimate environment overlooking the Tagus that Arquiconsult received its guests to present the evolution, new trends and upgrades of LS Retail.

We had the presence of Carsten Wulff, Vice President of LS Retail Europe, to present the exponential trajectory of this solution across the globe and how it is already present in all continents.

A practical demonstration of the solution was also made so that those present could see what LS Retail can do in the operational management of the business and how it can be interconnected with Business Intelligence, in order to allow the most accurate and precise report, with indicators updated daily.

The solution that allows greater control and optimization of commercial and distribution activity, which has features designed for the most diverse sectors of activity, was attended by heads of major national and international references in the Catering, Tourism, Supermarket Chains sector , Electronics, Optics, Pharmacy Chain, Portal Distribution, Jewelry and Fashion that were present yesterday at Altis Belém.