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Arquiconsult, a management systems consultant, and its hardware company, Centrality, supported the municipality of Odivelas with the donation of 35 computers, 300 masks and 100 visors.

Arquiconsult, a management systems consultant, and its hardware company, Centrality, donated 29 laptops to the EB1 Serra da Luz School, and another two to the Braancamp Freire School Group, in the municipality of Odivelas .

In the context of the current situation and in view of the growing requests for IT material by various entities, Arquiconsult decided to anticipate the replacement of computers within the company and offer this set of PCs, in order to support and guarantee better conditions for students in the municipality. , at a time when distance learning is a reality for families. Centrality, in turn, carried out all the cleaning and installation of software on the machines, so that they were perfectly operational.

In addition to the computer material, the company also decided to offer 200 masks and 100 individual protection visors to the EB1 Serra da Luz School, since it is serving meals to needy students and who needed this material, in order to comply with all the necessary hygiene standards at this time.

Arquiconsult was chosen specifically for this EB1, and for the Grouping of Schools, following the proximity policy that has been drawn up in collaboration with the Municipality of Odivelas (CMO). As is public knowledge, these are some of the neediest schools in the municipality of Odivelas, as they bring together underprivileged students from needy neighborhoods.


“We believe that a better future starts with the training of young people and, as such, educational conditions must be ensured and no child can be forgotten”», said Rui Santos, CEO of Arquiconsult.


Within this social solidarity action, the company also donated four PCs to «ArquiSchool», a project created at União Desportiva e Recreativa (UDR) Santa Maria with the objective of supporting not only the club’s athletes as the students of the neighborhood where it is located, due to the level of needs they present. It should also be noted that 100 individual protection masks were also offered to the Póvoa de Santo Adrião Police Station.


“This set of actions comes within the scope of our social responsibility policy, called #BetterTogether, which consists, generically, of giving back to society part of the results we have achieved”», explained Rui Santos.


It should also be noted that during this “pandemic” situation that the world is going through, the company decided to reinforce this program by an additional €40,000, in order to respond to this specific set of needs.