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Arquiconsult lends one of his vehicles to the Centro Cultural e Recreativo Coruchéus to support the volunteers who daily help those most in need at this time.

The Centro Cultural e Recreativo Coruchéus is a community founded in 1975 in Lisbon which, at the moment, is at the forefront in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

A group of volunteers helps the population on a daily basis, delivering an average of 120 meals, individual protection visors or shopping at the supermarket and pharmacy for people with limited mobility and the most debilitated during this period.

As the requests for help from the community increased sharply, the Cultural and Recreation Center Coruchéus found itself facing the need to purchase a vehicle in order to respond to the requests received daily. This lack was filled with the support of Arquiconsult, which, through social networks, learned of this situation and learned that the volunteers were unable to raise funds to purchase the vehicle.


Sandro Silva – Board Secretary thanks, leaving a message about the mission of the community: “a huge thank you to you, not only for providing the vehicle, but also for showing us that the country has stopped after all. , but people continue. Because only in this way, with gestures like yours, of immense altruism, is it possible for us to continue daily in the struggle. This project that the cultural center has decided to embrace is nothing less than a direct and objective response to what we want to implement in society: a responsible community, present and for all.”


We hope that with this gesture the volunteers will be able to provide help in a more comprehensive and effective way and enable a faster delivery of PPE to local entities.

See here the SIC report.

Because helping others is everyone’s duty!