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Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (version 22).

All online tenants started to receive notifications with their scheduled update dates.

The BC22 on-premises version can be downloaded here.

Below are some of the most interesting features available with the new version of D365 Business Central.


Application Improvements

  • Set up and sync master data across companies – A new feature to synchronize data between companies, allowing to setup tables and record filters through the new Master Data Management Setup page.
  • Preview item journals and 20 other journals and documents before posting – Preview Posting function was added to a set of journals to allow users to avoid errors when posting a journal.
  • Demo tool and data for warehouse and inventory scenarios – The Contoso Coffee app now provides demo data that includes different locations that can be configured to support basic and advanced warehouse flows, for testing or presales purposes..
  • Undo transfer shipments – Transfer shipments can now be undone through the Undo Shipment action in the Posted Transfer Shipment page.
  • Drag and drop files onto the file upload dialog – The drag and drop files feature is now available in Business Central in the file upload dialog.


Technical Improvements

  • AL Explorer and AL Home in Visual Studio Code AL extension – With the new AL Language version, two new pages are released inside VS Code to help Business Central developers:
    • AL Home is a communication channel with the purpose of sharing news, upcoming events or best practices.
    • AL Explorer is the page where developers can search and navigate through the objects inside the VS Code workspace.
  • Provide Title and custom actions to Error dialogs – Error messages in Business Central can now have a title and custom actions.
  • Code navigability on event subscribers – Event subscribers can now use identifier syntax instead of string literals. This is a major productivity improvement since it will allow, for example, to use the Go to References view or to check where the event is used in the workspace.
  • Control database locking behavior – Individual reads can now have a defined Isolation Level, if specified in AL code. The new ReadIsolation method is available for all Record type variables.
  • Improved compiler resource handling and faster code analyzers – Code analysis runs on every change made to an AL project. Depending on the workspace size, this analysis now run only on the active files reducing the time the analysis takes.


See the full list of what’s new and planned for Business Central in the link below:

What’s new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central