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The concept of Smart City is a reality and a clear bet these days, all over the world.

The concept of Smart City is a reality and a clear bet these days, all over the world. Smart Cities are projects in which a given urban space is the stage for experiences of intensive use of communication and information technologies, applied to urban management and social action. The objective is to create conditions for sustainability, improve the conditions of the population and foster management based on data analysis.


The Municipality of Boticas has made a strong investment to modernize its management and seeks to increasingly become a smart territory. Technology has been used to foster involvement with its citizens, promote environmental quality, social and cultural inclusion, tourism projection and attract investors to the locality.


This is how the Autarquia24 – Boticas em Linha project was born with the creation of a Web Portal, with Arquiconsult as a technological partner. Now the citizen can electronically submit requests or register events in the public space, without the user needing to log in. The authentication process takes place only when really necessary.


It is an innovative model that provides a user-friendly browsing experience, with a guided and guided loading. This project provides an intelligent communications network (Smart Wifi) of geographically dispersed public access points, integrated into a centralized management and monitoring platform.


The current digital transformation of the municipality and the implementation of supporting technological infrastructures is aimed at the elimination of manual, paper-based processes and the automation and simplification of processes, in order to increase the institution’s efficiency and productivity, as well as, cost reduction.


Arquiconsult, with its solutions based on Microsoft technologies, is proud to be the chosen partner to support the development of Portal do Munícipe.