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The year 2020 marks the beginning of the partnership between Great Cente, a multinational real estate company, and Arquiconsult, with the Business Intelligence solution developed, supported by a Data Warehouse (DW).

This DW essentially contains information from the financial and human resources areas, with the aim of allowing its users to consult the built-in Dashboards and create their own analyzes and reports.


As Fábio Lima, IT Support at Great Cente, points out, what led to the implementation of such a solution is exactly, “the need for our CEO to see the numbers of accountability in an easy way allowing comparisons between the years to make future decisions. “


The biggest challenge presented by this client, was the integration with an existing ERP, with a very specific business configuration, requiring an exhaustive investigation on the particularities of this tool and, consequently, of the activity sector, in order to meet all requirements.


“Business Intelligence has many strengths but the dashboards and the way it shows data is the great differentiator of the solution. I think administration and accounting are the main areas that will have the most impact with BI, but this will bring benefits to the entire corporation”,says Fábio Lima, IT Support at Great Cente.</p >


Given the current global scenario, which is much more dynamic and uncertain, it has never been more important to have access to the correct, detailed, and timely information, as today. Cross-cutting to different business areas and market segments, BI services adapt to the specific operational and management processes of any client. In addition, they are accessible remotely, wherever you are and from any device.


This vision is shared by Fábio Lima who adds that “Arquiconsult team is attentive, gives us very good support and in the future we expect more projects, new ideas for IT solutions, which can bring benefits to our company, as this type of solution will increase more and more along the years, because now it is understandable its importance to manager business easily and remotely and take the correct business decisions.”< /strong>


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