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Benefits of Business Intelligence in Management – Cork Supply US, a success story

Cork Supply US is a multinational company that manufactures natural stoppers for wine bottles, based in Northern California, but with several facilities in Portugal. The partnership between Cork Suplly US and Arquiconsult has endured for a few years and appears with Microsoft Navision ERP implementation. Nowadays, the partnership continues, due to the upgrade to the new Microsoft D365 Business Central.

“We are starting to look more deeply into analytics and implementing more systems with variable data structures, the flexibility and speed at which new reporting can be deployed made implementing a BI solution at this time the right move for us. We chose to work with Arquiconsult because we have 10-year relationship with the company and they know our business very well”, said Greg Hirson – vice President of Product.

Arquiconsult’s Business Intelligence (BI) team modernized the company’s entire reporting area. In addition, it centralized the historical information of the old system, the customer and opportunity management information generated in the new CRM system, also developed by Arquiconsult, and also compiled the new information generated by the current solution.


The implemented BI solution contains information from the Commercial, Stocks and Logistics and Financial areas, however, soon other areas of the company will be integrated, namely Production.

“BI brings together the multiple sources of information that we rely on to make financial, operational, and sales de decisions, into one single interface easy to understand and navigate. As we roll out our BI platform, I think our Executive Management team along with the sales team will see the benefits of the BI platform first. After that, I expect our operations and finance teams to gain insights into their work by using BI”, explained Greg Hirson – vice President of Product.

The biggest challenge presented to Arquiconsult’s technical team was the management of all different sources of information needed to integrate and consolidate, and also the profiling of access and security to access data. Like this, other challenges will arise, and will certainly be overcome, for our customer’s success and satisfaction.


“The Arquiconsult BI team has been a strong partner in the implementation and roll out of our BI platform. They have taken the time to get to know our business in a way that makes working with them seamless. The relationship we have with Arquiconsult is very good. They have been and continue to be a knowledgeable and reliable partner in the implementation and support of our systems. I believe we will continue to work with the Arquiconsult team into the future”, said Greg Hirson – vice President of Product.