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The management consultant Arquiconsult wants to double the current turnover of ten million euros in five years and increase from 35% to 50% the weight of invoicing abroad, the director in Porto told Lusa.


“Extrapolating to the next five years the rate of growth [double-digit] in the invoicing that we have had, we can be, in a pessimistic view, with a turnover of 15 million euros and, in an optimistic view, close to 20 million euros “, said Paulo Mota in an interview with Lusa agency.

According to the head of the management consulting company – based in Matosinhos (Porto) and with offices in Lisbon, Barcelona (Spain) and Luanda (Angola) – the Portuguese market will continue to “lead” in terms of turnover, but the External invoicing should have “increasingly a higher profile, reaching 50%” of the total business.

“The greater the installed base of our international customers, the greater our growth rate, because due to their size and geographic dispersion, international companies are potentially more generators of value and new business”, explained the responsible.

In this sense, in addition to Portugal – which currently accounts for 6.5 million of Arquiconsult’s ten million euros turnover and where the company intends to recruit “at least” 50 new employees this year – the company’s “main growth bets” are “the Nordic market and, quite possibly, the US”.

Spain is another country where the consultant sees great potential for expansion, not least because “the markets of Barcelona and Madrid alone represent about five times the size of the national market”.

“Spain has a lot to grow. It is a market that we are going to start to develop with more force and that has the capacity to quickly reach, in the next few years, a size identical to that we have in Portugal, that is, 6.5 to seven million euros “, anticipated Paulo Mota.

According to the businessman, in terms of project execution, the company is now present “in practically all the world’s geographies, from all of Europe to Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, but also Nigeria), Saudi Arabia, Dubai , Far East, Japan, USA and Canada”.

“Portugal and Arquiconsult in particular have a great opportunity to provide services in the developed world, because we have quality in terms of project execution, we know how to do it, and at prices that are much more competitive than local prices. managed to operate in the international market, with multinational companies, developing projects in the various geographies where they are located,” he said.

“Based on this, we saw the opportunity to provide services abroad and we started to work closer to the main partners that work with us, who started to hire Arquiconsult consultants to develop their projects in Finland, Iceland, France, Belgium and several other geographies in Europe and, from there, we started to act at an international level”, he recalled.

Currently, the company has a team of around 150 employees, of which 80 are in Lisbon, 45 in Porto, more than a dozen in Barcelona and eight in Angola and is presented, in terms of turnover, as “the largest partner in ‘business solutions’ in Portugal, with more than 400 implementations in the country and in other parts of the globe”.


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