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In May 2018, after the last update of enwis), the Tegos Group is making great strides towards the era of digital transformation in the recycling and waste management sector.

In May 2018, after the last update of enwis, (vertical solution, developed under Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology, which allows the complete management of all areas related to waste management), the Tegos Group strides into the era of digital transformation in the recycling and waste management sector. An industry sector that wants to keep pace with the era of digital transformation can now implement the most up-to-date and global version of enwis.


Imagine what it would be like if the weighbridge operators could work by voice control, exponentially increasing productivity? “This is no longer a mirage, because today an effort is being made to correlate technologies, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction”, explains Thilo Perk, Coordinator of Waste Management and Recycling Business Solutions at Thegos. “Each version update further optimizes enwis, making waste management processes considerably more efficient and easier to plan”, says Thilo Perk.


The innovation team behind enwis focuses on new technologies, including machine learning, voice recognition, and full integration with Office 365, to address customer needs and challenges. “Of course it’s fun to explore and find ways to make enwis even easier to use, simplifying, for example, the process of creating contracts. Our priority is to reduce the number of steps required, improving efficiency while ensuring greater usability of the solution. Furthermore, the integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning opens up a whole range of new opportunities”, adds Sven Domkowski, Senior Consultant at Tegos.


Thanks to the optimized integration with the products, enwis can now perform complex stock value calculations. “This represents enormous added value for our customers: because we are no longer talking about Waste, but about valuable raw materials which, thanks to system integration, can now be tracked and calculated from A to Z”< /strong>, says Thilo Perk about the new feature. “For us, every version upgrade of the enwis solution represents a big step towards helping our customers digitize their lines of business. There is also the growing trend of ‘Appization’, that is, the unfolding of traditional ERP systems into a set of management applications (Apps) that interconnect and complement each other”, as Perk explains.


“Scanning means much more than emailing PDF invoices. Above all, it means transforming entire business segments and creating new lines of business, introducing new approaches to solving problems using the latest technology. This includes platforms and portals that have the potential to bring far-reaching changes to the market. waste management, and supporting customers in enforcing local regulations.” explains Tegos Chief Operating Officer Ingo Kailuweit.


Arquiconsult is the only Iberian partner that provides the implementation of the best software for waste management, with full guarantee of compliance with local regulations in force. We continue to evolve, with Tegos, to create value-added solutions for our customers.


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