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Arquiconsult.comSolutions / Visual Production Scheduler


Ensures the efficient use of productive resources and minimizes
the unproductive time.


Visual  is an extension to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business ERP
Central, dedicated to the graphic planning of production. It is a solution with
multi-user application, applicable to single-operation or multi-operation production orders.

Taking into account the market dynamics, it is essential that the production planning application is intuitive,
visual and easy to analyse and maintain. On the other hand, the possibility of simulating different
scenarios according to the expected needs is an essential condition to respond to the
daily replanning needs in most of today’s industries.

Visual Production Scheduler allows you to monitor and optimize production activities
through a graphic planning of production orders, with direct and immediate access
to the variables that can influence their sequence of execution:

• Capacity and availability of resources;
• Need and availability of materials.