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Aquinos Group,a portuguese leader in the furniture industry, in Mattresses and Sofas sector, has grown significantly in recent years, having internationalization as one of its biggest bets.

To consolidate a more prominent international presence, the year 2017 was marked by the acquisition of the French company Jean Paul Gruhier (JP Gruhier), a leading brand in the French market and in adjacent countries.

Having as clients some of the most prestigious Swedish and French furniture groups, it has become essential to guarantee high levels of production, and factory and logistics control, based on technological evolution of its manufacturing units. With Arquiconsult’s support, Aquinos Group’s standard management systems were implemented in France, in a record time, and a new module for production data acquisition and dispatch data was developed, which allowed gains in processes automation, as well as, the track of each one of manufactured units.


Technological improvements did not stop here and 2019 began at JP Gruhier with the start-up of Qmobile solution.


The need to improve stock management, eliminating outdated processes, as inventory control in paper, accelerated the implementation of a mobility tool, that would allow a simple and flexible information collection.

Qmobile has changed processes, as forms or paper documents, to a fully automated mobility situation, integrated with the operating system, reducing the probability of failures and increasing efficiency. All records associated with product movement are validated through a built-in barcode reading, avoiding user errors.


Implementation and adaptation to the system exceeded expectations. In just two days, including on-job training, JP Gruhier was able to successfully inventory all 12,181 finished and semi-finished products, in a record time of 12 hours, with 14,000 registered barcodes scans, from 10 mobile storage terminals with Qmobile solution.


We appreciate the confidence in our solutions and we are committed to ensure our clients the best response to future challenges.


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