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IRS Tables Update – 1st Half May_June 2023

Through Order no. 4732_A/2023 of 19/04, new withholding tables have been approved. The changes will only apply to income paid or made available from May 1, 2023.

  • Update of IRS Tables for the Mainland, 1st semester May_June 2023 [Order no. 4732-A/2023] 

Following the availability, on the AT website, of the new IRS withholding tax tables, applicable from May 1, 2023, for the Mainland, Arquiconsult has converted them into a format that can be imported into NAVHR.



ARQUICONSULT will provide a manual with instructions to perform this update, charging 1 hour to the services support contract, for customers who request it through a Service Request:


We further inform that, if you want ARQUICONSULT to perform this update, please mention it in the Service Request. In this case, the time consumed will be deducted from the service support contract, or invoiced, if there is no active contract.