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Arquiconsult was the partner chosen by Nimco Made4You to update the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 planning and management control system to the 2017 version.

Due to the competence and experience demonstrated in the scope of the ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the provision of customer support services, Arquiconsult was the partner chosen by Nimco Made4You to carry out the update of the management planning and control system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for the 2017 version.

The option for Arquiconsult thus continues the partnership established between the two companies.

In addition to technological updating, which responds, in a qualified manner, to the company’s core business, this solution allows the Nimco Group to have an adapted ERP that allows it to more effectively address the specific aspects of its business activities. business, namely in the area of ​​production. Improving business performance and optimizing the use of the information system will be obvious benefits for the company.

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Nimco Made4You belongs to a group of companies dedicated to different business areas, standing out for the manufacture of custom-made specialty shoes , orthopedic and comfort. The use of technology and information systems is vital to our business area.

NM4Y’s investment in this area makes it unique in the global competitive landscape. Therefore, choosing Arquiconsult as the technological partner of choice was a natural choice. His vast experience in implementing Microsoft systems is a guarantee that Nimco Made4You will remain at the forefront of technology.