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Arquiconsult has been collaborating with 3Li, one of the largest NAV partners in France, for over 6 years, in which several of our consultants were allocated to their projects for technical development.

We mainly provide programming support on the most diverse platforms such as LS Retail, NAV Standard, Pebblestone Fashion or NAVAGRI, demonstrating our ability to adapt to different realities.

And this support is bilateral, as Arquiconsult starts 2018, counting equally with the support of 3Li for functional support of the financial area to ensure that one of our clients that has extended its operations to France meets the legal financial requirements.

Nowadays, if we want to be competitive, we have to be able to respond to our customers anywhere in the world and, for that, we need to have the right partners that enable us to grow and develop the best solutions.

In other words, if we want to be a market reference, we have to consolidate this complementary relationship, which enables us to extend our international operations with the desired quality and in a sustained manner.

Arquiconsult and 3Li, both Pipol partners, strengthen their partnership for the growth and satisfaction of our customers.