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Forget the complexity of managing and analyzing a paper performance appraisal process and see how simple it can be.

The Performance Appraisal Process
it doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Centralized system that allows you to manage the entire process of configuring Performance Assessment surveys, intervening in it, according to the criteria that best suit your organization, as often as you like. In an autonomous way without the need for advanced IT knowledge.

Consult the history of archived processes, analyze the performance of a particular department, function, employee or the organization as a whole. It’s not just about recording information, but also having ease of consultation and analysis of your data.

Inherent in this, start your Training Needs Gathering process and take the first step in defining your Training Plan.

Action plan? Goal Setting? Compensation/Bonus Recommendations ? An effective Human Resources plan contemplates these fundamental aspects. Everything at your fingertips on the Employee Portal.


The Employee Portal gives you the flexibility to define multiple assessment models with different content, depending on your needs, whether it’s defining a form for the entire organization, by department, by function or, at the limit, by person or group of people .

Take advantage of configurations of previous questionnaires through the option of Clone Template, or create template blocks that can be reused in the definition of new questionnaires, using the same or different evaluation criteria, numerical scale, free text, selection list or percentage.

We know how important it is to preview this information before making it public, the “Preview” option is available in our quiz engine used, not only in this module, but also in the Training Management module.

Make the questionnaires available
Assessment without bumps

Like the other modules of the Employee Portal, the Performance Assessment module uses components shared by the entire solution, namely the definition of the Hierarchical Structure. This component is, in fact, the pillar of all Workflows available in the system, and based on its definition, the system consults the different stakeholders to notify and assign tasks in the Performance Assessment process. This definition makes it possible to speed up the process of configuring the players when generating and assigning the Performance Assessment questionnaires. We even offer the possibility of configuring different Hierarchical Structures (one per module) which allows you to have the flexibility your organization needs.

Different departments have, in many cases, different dynamics, so having the global view of your Performance Assessment process should be just a click away, namely knowing which questionnaires have been completed or remain to be completed, so that you can focus on the cases that you actually need.


Easy access to the solution, simplicity of use and interpretation of the information provided are essential factors in the adoption of an Information System, more relevant when one of the processes available is related to the assessment of the organization’s critical mass, hence we provide easy-to-use screens, Simplified navigation oriented to the process that the user intends to complete.

As this is one of the processes based on the growth of any company, we offer a highly configurable solution that allows us to operationalize the various types of assessment, from 360º, self-assessment, management, 180º, among others.

Well-informed resources, with a clear vision of what tasks they have to perform, even if with different responsibilities, contribute not only to an up-to-date system, with ease of access, but also for more evaluation processes to be completed in a timely manner, a situation that all benefit.

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