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ProjectPro is the ideal solution for specialized services sector, specifically designed to help achieve the goals of professional services companies and supported on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The specialized services sector contains areas as diverse as accounting offices, auditors, legal services, consultancy, or architecture studios, among others. Despite this great diversity, all these companies share requirements and needs regarding resource management and project control to guarantee greater profitability.

ProjectPro solution, supported on Microsoft Dynamics 365, was specifically designed to help achieve the goals of professional services companies, supporting daily project management, collaboration, resource allocation and profitability control, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensuring in this way, not only the support of the administrative processes of billing, purchase management or accounting, but also the access and integration with the productivity tools of Microsoft.

Key Benefits

Greater Operation Efficiency: Get more effective control over resources management, their capacities and task allocation inherent to projects

Better Information Flow: The use of a single platform improves collaboration between different areas of the company with visible results in productivity and customer satisfaction

Simplified Billing: Ease data collection that supports and automates the billing process and supporting documentation

Effective Profitability Control: Gain visibility on the profits and costs of each project with control over different activities and milestone

Native integration with Microsoft productivity tools: Excel, Outlook and Winword

Key Features


  • Project budgeting
  • Project templates
  • Multilevel structuring with control of costs / income and hours
  • Supports different billing processes: Time & Materials, per milestone or continued contract
  • Calculation of work value in progress


  • Time recording with direct allocation to projects
  • Billable versus non-billable hours control
  • Hour approval flows


  • Categorization / profiles
  • Definition of competences
  • Defining teams
  • Capacity control
  • Project allocation management


  • Configurable price lists by project and with the possibility of defining prices by several combined factors: Resource, task type, resource category, project stage, etc.
  • Bulk price increase accelerators / suggestions
  • Billing by customer, project and / or task
  • Defining recurring billing plans
  • Definition of ad-hoc billing plans (fixed price)
  • Automated billing based on recorded hours and / or billing plans
  • Automation of billing support reports to justify invoiced hours
  • Automated billing plan renewal
  • Missing billing control
  • Billing approval flow
  • Invoice layouts grouped by: Task, Task/Resource, Task/Type of work, Task/Type of work/ Resource, Task/Resource/Type of work, Task/Issue, Task /Issue/Resource


  • Integration with the remaining areas of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for customer management, purchasing, accounting, fixed assets, electronic invoicing, cash management and others.

The ideal solution for specialized services sector

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