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Symington is the leading producer of Port Wine in Douro region and worldwide. Its core business is the production of Port Wine, as it was 140 years ago, always adding innovation and upcoming technology.

Currently, Wine Tourism is clearly one of the company’s main bets, as it allows visitors, whether national or international, to be find out the best productions made in Douro, Gaia and Alentejo.

With the brands’ growth and the visiting centers creation, it was necessary to resort to a technological solution that would solve all the issues related to stock management, sales, and visits.

Symington found in Arquiconsult the ideal partner and a customized solution, LS Retail, for the retail area, which allowed it to effectively manage its business.

“LS Retail has revolutionized our visiting centers, because we have a tool that supports us in all our stock management and financial logistics.” Ana Rodrigues, Head of Wine Tourism at Symington.

“We were able to better examine reservations, the entire process that involves contacting pre-reservations and, later, all post-sales, such as data analysis, monitoring and store organization.” Manuela Caldeira, Head of IT at Symington.