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Arquiconsult was present at I-DATA with its Business Intelligence Team, presenting its management support solutions, the result of the experience accumulated over the years in national and international projects.


The 2nd edition of the I-DATA Congress, held on October 8th in Oeiras, was an event that brought together participants from companies from the most diverse sectors, from Banking, Insurance, Health, Retail, among others, due to the relevance and importance of the topic of production, maintenance, management and data security entails today.

We live in an era in which the daily volume of data increases exponentially, being available in the most diverse channels, managed by multiple users, being transversal to the business typology of companies, thereby prevailing the need, and capacity, to analyze all these data, transforming them into useful information for decision-making, in the form of concrete indicators of the behavior and evolution of the activity, always guaranteeing information security.

Topics such as the RGPD and what measures can companies take to ensure compliance, the importance of the ‘data management drive’ in the business fabric, the risks of data sharing, the relevance of cyber security, data analytics and advanced ways of using information in business, among many other relevant topics related to the generation and sharing of information.


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