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Managing people is not an easy task but we can make it a little simpler and more effective through a few principles.

Managing people is not an easy task but we can make it a little simpler and more effective through a few principles.

Developing a good work team is the best way to increase the profitability of a company, so it is essential to spend time to analyze its elements, discuss how performance can be improved and what strategies can be implemented to increase the its profitability.

Building a cohesive, proactive, agile and versatile team aims to build a business that flows regardless of challenges. We will be more successful in this construction if:

Getting to know the potential of the various team members

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the people who work with us is vital to better assigning tasks.

Knowing how to delegate

If everyone is well aligned with the company’s intended objectives and well prepared to carry out their duties, the results will be achieved.

Having confidence in collaborators

Trust makes talents reveal themselves. An employee who knows that what is expected of his/her performance will always be an asset because he/she is aware of the importance of the tasks that are delegated to him/her and will always be willing to do them in the best way and, even, to surpass themselves when performing them.

Encourage participation

This behavior encourages the creation of innovative ideas and more effective ways to solve problems. Awarding the best ideas serves to encourage the continuity of these initiatives.

Knowing how to listen

Frequent meetings with employees is vital for both parties to know and share the expectations they have. Praising good performance, highlighting points of improvement, communicating what is expected and what the possibilities for growth are, are essential feedback for employees. In the same way, that performances below expectations must also be discussed, but in a constructive way, already pointing out ways to surpass what has been achieved so far. Performance will always be linked to working conditions, talking to employees can give us indicators of training gaps and other circumstances that will have to be changed. Listening to the ‘pains’ can be the ‘triger’ for continuous improvement.

Celebrate and share the good results

If one of your teams, or even your company, has reached a goal or solved a difficult situation, we need to celebrate. Even a formal compliment, in copy for the entire company, can be an effective way to thank you for the effort. Recognition is a key lever in people management.

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