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Transrendufense – Transportes de Mercadorias Rendufenses, Lda is a service company dedicated to the road transport of goods, founded in 1954. The national and international carrier bets on Arquiconsult as a technological partner for the implementation of a Business solution Intelligence.

Transrendufense – Transportes de Mercadorias Rendufenses Lda, is a service company dedicated to road freight transport, founded in 1954. The company that operates at national and international level, with more than half a century of experience and knowledge, bets on Arquiconsult as a technological partner for the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution.

With gradual growth since 1996, focused on the European international market, which already represents more than 90% of its activity, it sees its performance extended to several sectors, namely in automotive components, building materials and packaged dangerous goods transport. Growth entails greater challenges in management and control, therefore, aware of the need to modernize its reporting tools, it implements a solution that allows it to gather management data dispersed by different sources in a single place, avoiding the delay before felt in obtaining the needed information for decision making.


“We have information from different sources, making it time-consuming to obtain the necessary data for management analysis, but with a tool such as Business Intelligence this is outdated, and, in addition to speed, analyzes are performed more frequently. We also point out the added value its utility and versatility. And given the reality of remote work scenarios, the importance of this type of solution is reinforced because it allows a faster and more efficient adaptation taking into account the immediate availability of data”, reinforces Catarina Macedo – Quality and Environment Manager, who accompanied the BI implementation process.


Fundamentally, the areas of Operation and Finance, are the ones that currently benefit most directly from the advantages of the new BI solution, containing information related to the Financial, Sales, Travel, Costs, Consumption and Maintenance areas.

The project started in 2019, having already covered a comprehensive set of information modules. It is expected that with the increased use of the tool, and users’ knowledge of its capabilities, that new areas of information and new reports and analyzes will be integrated, without excluding the use of alarm and machine learning capabilities, that the platform already has available.

The existence of different sources of information, which do not always communicate with the same level of detail, was undoubtedly the biggest challenge of this project, which with a good development methodology, and knowledge of the client’s business, was successfully overcome. Arquiconsults’ team keeps its focus on the success of its customers and creation of lasting partnerships, based the best solutions development for the challenges that arise.


“We are satisfied with the partnership, according to expectations and, in the future, we expect continuous collaboration, with the objective of continuous improvement as new needs and utilities arise” says Catarina Macedo.


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