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ATCUD in the communication of transport documents to Tax Authorithy (TA) and in the Electronic Invoicing messages (CIUSPT)

Due to the legal updates published in DL 28/2019, announcing that the ATCUD must be included in invoices and other tax-relevant documents created from January 1, 2023, at the end of 2022 Tax Authority changed the format of the messages for communication of transport documents:


  1.  December 7 – adds ATCUD to request and response messages, as well as error messages
  2. December 22 – changes the order of the ATCUD field in the message structure
  3. January 5, 2023 – adds alert messages in cases where ATCUD is missing


Although it has not been indicated a specific date from which TA will no longer accept communications of transport documents that do not contain the ATCUD, in a previous meeting with ASSOFT (Portuguese Software Association), a period of 6 months was referred as acceptable to adapt the software to this new requirement. After this period, TA will no longer accept messages that do not meet all the requirements.


In this same context, Electronic Invoices, in XML format – CIUS_PT, must also be amended to include ATCUD and QRCODE in base 64.



In order to make this update available or to validate that your system already complies with the requirements, and to ensure a correct planning of the work to be done, we kindly ask to our Customers to make their requests through the support platform


Remember that keeping the system updated and in a supported version is essential to ensure the program is compliance with all the legal and fiscal requirements in force.