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It was on the 7th of April that the Municipality of Odivelas awarded Arquiconsult the prize in the Social Responsibility Category, in this, which is the 4th edition of “Odivelas Recognizes”.

On this same occasion, 61 companies received the SME Leader status attributed by IAPMEI, thus highlighting the entrepreneurial merit in the municipality of Odivelas.

According to the Mayor, Hugo Martins:

“The permanent commitment, dynamism, innovation and dedication, as well as the excellent results obtained by this group of companies and entrepreneurs, who over the past few years have served as a source of inspiration and a great incentive for many other agents of Odivelas.”

Mayor, Hugo Martins

He also underlined the role of the Municipality of Odivelas: “It assumes itself as a catalyst and a stimulus for our companies, investing in concrete measures to support the local economy.”

For the first time, the municipality also delivered the Prize in the Social Responsibility Category that was awarded to Arquiconsult, SA. This award is the municipal recognition of the commitment of entrepreneurs from Odivelas in the economic development of the municipality and, consequently, of the contribution of companies to the growth of Odivelas in the context of Greater Lisbon.

Arquiconsult is proud of this recognition, as it believes that social responsibility is a fundamental concept within the business activity, developing throughout the year several initiatives within this scope.