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Solutions that allow the digitalization of Waste sector

As ecological sustainability is one of the main concerns of global economy, Arquiconsult has bet on technological tools and solutions that allow companies to respond positively to all the demands of the market and the Industry 4.0.

As ecological sustainability is one of the main concerns of global economy, as well as a sector in strong expansion, Arquiconsult has, in recent years, bet on technological tools and solutions that allow companies to respond positively to all the demands of the market and the Industry 4.0.

Solutions were created, allowing waste management companies to develop their activity in the best way, with an effective reduction of resources and time for the execution of tasks, also guaranteeing successful business digitalization, much accelerated by the current world panorama.

The enwis) solution, developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technology and certified by Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA)*, replaces a set of individual solutions, which are not always interconnected, in an efficient and integrated way, allowing the manager to work all waste management related areas.

Therefore, data is available to users more intuitively and the correct information can then be used for management analysis. With enwis) it is possible to have accurate management information such finance, logistics and even commercial area.

But the year 2020, marked by business digitalization acceleration and the development of more dynamic and intuitive production processes, where technology has an added importance, demanded that Arquiconsult provide adaptable solutions and adjusted to the current market requirements, which have been suffering constant mutations.

At the beginning of 2019, a European directive requires companies to issue electronic invoices when supplying goods and services to European public entities. Arquiconsult soon realized that this would be an excellent opportunity for companies to streamline processes, reduce costs and digitize billing processes. That is why ARQEBI arises, a solution that guarantees the delivery of documentation, duly certified, electronically.

An easy tool that guarantees legal compliance with the EEU European Directive 2014/55, with the necessary security for different businesses. During this period, when many companies are still working remotely, avoiding sending documents through intermediaries, unnecessary travel, and physical contact with third parties is essential. With ARQEBI, you can make the process 100% digital and benefit from all its advantages as a Dynamics 365 Business Central user.

Digitization is perhaps the biggest challenge that companies must overcome in the 2020s. Proof of this has been the strong adherence to Continia Document Capture solution, which automates all flows of invoice receipt and processes validation.

With the Continia solution, it is possible to collect information from PDF files or from the dematerialization of documents, collecting easily searchable and editable data. All documents received are automatically loaded and processed via OCR (Optical Character Recognition), generating effective savings on unstructured information treatment, as well as in digital information. Continia Document Capture is certified by Microsoft and based on the experience of more than 1,200 existing customers, a standard implementation can be performed by Arquiconsult in less than a week.

Finally, we must mention the solution that has been one of the most demanded by national and international companies: Business Intelligence (BI). Adapted to different business areas and market segments, BI services adapt to the specific operational and management processes of each business, and are accessible remotely, wherever you are and from any device.

BI allows users to create their own analyzes, using simple, powerful, practical, and intuitive tools, at a distance of a drag – & – drop. With the ability to collect data from the most diverse origins and formats, then transforming it into knowledge (insights) and making it available to different decision-makers within an organization in a safe and targeted way, it becomes essential to anyone who wants to take sustained decisions about business development. Modern BI tools, such as Power BI, allows acting from insights updated daily, guiding the user to the most appropriate process.

(*) APA – Portuguese Environment Agency – Entity responsible for developing and monitoring integrated and participatory management of environmental and sustainable improvement policies, in conjunction with other sectoral policies and in collaboration with public and private entities.

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