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Malaquias Group faithful to Microsoft Management Solutions implemented by Arquiconsult

Grupo Malaquias faithful to the Microsoft Management Solutions implemented by Arquiconsult

Malaquias Group, made up of two companies with 100% national capital, is today an important reference in Portugal, in African and European market in Food Sector (both as a wholesaler and retailer of food products, as well as wine bottling and commercialization) and counts on with more than 15 years with Microsoft Dynamics solutions in its business management.


Currently with more than 250 employees and with a turnover of more than 57 million euros, its foundations are the guarantee of a high degree of quality, safety, and continuous improvement of its services, to respond efficiently to customer’s needs.


As the continuity of a personalized and close relationship with customers and partners is only possible with a bet on modernity and technological evolution, this group remains attentive to market demands evolution and in 2021 bets on updating its management system to ensure the best service provision and compliance with legal requirements.


‘‘We made that decision in February and the pandemic only started in March. The process was already underway, if not, we could not guarantee the implementation in January 2021, which was mandatory for us to be able to respond to the requirements and legal needs that arose this year.’ José Silva – Director of IT.


The Group’s strategic vision is based on technological innovation and management processes, monitoring customer needs, complying with quality and food safety standards, sustainable partnerships with a retailer network and optimization of its human capital through continuous training.


‘We tried to find a more disciplinary software for processes and tasks performed by operators, with better control of stocks, customer credit limits, the need to use mobile devices, therefore, a whole series of situations that we needed to regulate and control, and we were not able to do it with the tool, the ERP, we had at the time. It is an integrated solution that covers all areas of the company.’ José Silva – Chief Information Officer.