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Microsoft Power BI – Hevea and Arquiconsult together in Digital Transformation

Hevea, a multinational company of Dunlop Group for the manufacture of protective footwear, representing Dunlop Protective Footware brand, has advanced with a strong technological transformation in the company, in partnership with Arquiconsult.

The first project developed was in Business Intelligence, which has evolved across time, adding new areas, information, and reporting features. More recently, in view of the ERP upgrade, a technological transformation and an integration of information from the cloud was required. New steps were also planned for the exploration of information, with the aim of expanding the reporting and self-service platform, using Power BI.

According to Alfred Muller, ICT Manager at Hevea, “the project started with source data out of sources already supported by Arquiconsult (AX2009, SharePoint). After an initial small project, we noticed Arquiconsult has a strong knowledge of BI so we build further. BI has impact mainly in Sales, Finance and Logistics Planning departments, having as bigger strength structured data, all in one Source, which can be combined easily. Power BI visualizes it, so it is easy to read, giving us reliable and consistent data.”


BI solution developed by Arquiconsult, and the Data Warehouse that supports it, contains information related to Commercial, Budgeting, Logistics and Financial areas, being these the departments that have the most direct impacts with this solution.

More than challenges, this client has presented several opportunities to jointly adapt and improve the solution, being a client with some technological complexity and focus on using this technology in a targeted approach, in order to improve processes and opportunities.

“Arquiconsult’s support so far is considered good to excellent, above levels from other vendors we have seen. Most important is the customer-oriented way of thinking, not the technology way. And in future we expect proactive thinking on new features that can benefit the organization.” – Alfred Muller – ICT Manager at Hevea.


Arquiconsult thanks the trust in its technical team, assuming its commitment in the development of the best solutions for the success of its customers.