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In 2018, the annual income tax return can no longer be delivered on paper. Thus, all taxpayers, without exception, must submit the IRS through the Finance Portal.

What changes when submitting the declaration?

In 2018, the annual income statement can no longer be delivered on paper. Thus, all taxpayers, without exception, must submit the IRS through the Finance Portal, which requires a password to access this platform. Anyone who does not have access to the Internet or find it difficult to submit the IRS electronically will have to ask the AT for help or hire an accountant.

The Automatic IRS

In the next IRS delivery, households with exclusive income from dependent employment or pensions, as well as those who benefit from tax benefits relating to donations, will finally be able to access the IRS Automatic.

Separate Taxation of Couples

This year, couples can file their annual income statement together or separately, but there are changes in separate taxation to take into account.

According to paragraph 14 of article 78 of the IRS Code (CIRS), each member of the couple can only deduct their own expenses from their income (proved by invoices with their TIN) and half of dependents. Until now, the expenses of the couple and their dependents were added together and then divided equally between the two spouses.

Dates to retain:

April 1 to May 31

The deadline for submitting the 2017 income tax return is between April 1st and May 31st, regardless of the type of income received, the paper submission of which is no longer possible, as indicated above. The automatic IRS now also covers taxpayers who work for others (or receive pension) and have children.

Until July 31

The tax authorities will have to send the IRS settlement note by July 31st. If you have submitted your IRS declaration within the deadline and are entitled to a refund, you will receive it by that date.

Until August 31

If you have to pay tax to the State, you will have to do so by the 31st of August. This if the deadline for submitting the IRS statement was met. Otherwise, you have until December 31 to make the payment.

Useful information regarding filling out the declaration:

Mechanisms were put in place to simplify the filling in of data and clarify the citizen. Noteworthy:

  • Error identification mechanisms;
  • Helps (options identified as ‘Enabler or ‘Helps by Themes’);
  • Simulation of IRS settlement results;
  • Simulation Printout.

How to resolve discrepancies detected by the AT after submitting the IRS declaration?

You can consult the differences on the Finance Portal, at: Citizens > Services > Tax and Customs Procedures > Disagreements, and for this purpose, you must authenticate with the respective access password.

If you find that the values ​​you declared are incorrect, you can immediately rectify the situation by submitting a replacement declaration. If you want to justify the differences, you can do so via the Internet, at the same address. For this purpose, you can attach files. You can also go to a Finance Service.

How to obtain the legal proof of delivery of the income tax return?

Legal proof of submission of the IRS declarations, through the Internet, can be obtained on the Finance Portal at: Citizens > Services > IRS > Get Evidence. The document in question becomes available, after central validation and the AT informs the citizen by email.

How to get certificate of IRS settlements?

To obtain a certificate of IRS settlement via the Internet, you must, on the Finance Portal, upon authentication with your access password, select: Citizens > Services > Documents > Certificates > Request Certificate. After indicating the year, the certificate is generated and can be printed or saved in your computer equipment.

For more information:

  • Consult the informative leaflets and the IRS FAQ on the Finance Portal (Tax Services – Taxpayer Support);
  • Telephone Service Center (CAT) of the Customs Tax Authority through No. 217 206 707, from 9 am to 7 pm
  • Form for the branch e-branch available on the portal of finance;
  • Finance Services (List of locations available on AT website).