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Due to the pandemic, many organisations all over the world were forced to start using cloud solutions. After all, working from home office so massively in such a short time was simply impossible without cloud solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, many companies are still somewhat reluctant to migrate their ERP/CRM system to the cloud. That’s not really surprising since these are the primary solutions that keep businesses running. The good news is that today, Microsoft Azure offers a level of security, reliability, performance and support that goes far beyond almost all in-house IT solutions. Including yours?


When you consider the move from an on-premise ERP/CRM solution to the cloud, you must ask yourself what that potentially means for aspects like security, reliability, performance, the future-proofness and the support of these crucially important systems. What are the risks of the cloud compared to your current on-premises solutions? Can you switch easily? What are the costs and financial risks? And what does the future of these cloud solutions look like?


Here’s a number of aspect that might help you understand how Microsoft Azure can help you:

  • Research shows that 40 (!) percent of all companies do not make a daily back-up of their data. That creates considerable risks! Azure ensures that this important process is always insured. Also during the holiday period when your IT department is (partly) absent
  • Many security problems arise because software updates are not applied in time. If you work with Azure, these crucial tasks are in the save hands of the Microsoft professionals
  • Azure is scalable and flexible. Microsoft takes over the purchase, financing, management and maintenance of server hardware and licenses completely from you. You only pay monthly for what you have actually used
  • Azure is redundant and reliable. At this moment, Microsoft has 61 Azure regions. That is important te be compliant with local privacy rules but also for data redundancy
  • Microsoft invests $ 1 billion per month in security to protect your data against cyber threats
  • A team of more than 3.500 highly educated cybersecurity experts worldwide work hard every day to secure and protect your data and other company assets

Our conclusion: there is no safer place to store your data than in the Microsoft Azure datacentres.      

IT management is not your core business. You have your own business to run. Where competition is tough. So treat yourself to the comfort of Microsoft Azure’s services, security and reliability and put the responsibility of your IT infrastructure in the safe hands of the Microsoft specialists. After all, your customers, employees and business processes deserve all your attention.

So let’s set up a conversation about the migration of your on-premises solutions to Microsoft Azure.