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In today’s fast changing world, the role of IT is more important than it was ever before in history.  Organisations work hard these days to digitally transform themselves, to modernize their business processes and grow into customer-centric organizations. On the other hand we all see the advancing dangers coming from cyber security. This is where cloud solutions can prove their added value. But it also makes clear that the big global IT companies have a huge responsibility towards their current and future customers.  

US President Joe Biden has asked technology companies and financial institutions to do more on cybersecurity. “It’s a matter of national security”, a senior government official said. Biden recently spoke with the top executives of Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft, among others. Biden said in his opening remarks to the group: “I’ve invited you all here today because you have the power and the capacity and the responsibility, I believe, to raise the bar on cybersecurity.”

Microsoft recently reportedly plans to heavily increase its cybersecurity investments. The company published plans to spend $ 20 billion (about Euro 17 billion) over a five-year period. That is four times the size of the investment the company had previously planned. “Microsoft will invest $ 20 billion to advance our security solutions over the next 5 years plus $ 150 million to help US government agencies upgrade protections and to expand our cybersecurity training partnerships”, said Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella.

Security technology is a growing business for the Redmond company, generating more than $ 10 billion in annual revenue.

If you are a Microsoft customer today, this announcement is good news for you. You can count on Microsoft as an eager and motivated organization with a focus on designing, building, implementing and supporting secure applications.

Like all the solutions that are grouped under the Dynamics 365 brand.

If you are not a Microsoft customer today but you are worried about the security of your current solution set and organization, then you should definitely consider the implementation of a cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.