Microsoft Dynamics 365 named an ERP leader by Nucleus Research

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 named an ERP leader by Nucleus Research

Microsoft is named a leader in the 2021 edition of Nucleus Research’s annual ERP technology Value Matrix.

The analyst researches the entire market for providers of ERP solutions with an open eye for new participants. All vendors are extensively measured and assessed on the aspects of functionality and usability. And then are divided into 4 categories. With her complete Dynamics 365 ERP offering, Microsoft finally had the best scores of all participating vendors and can thus be regarded for this year as the ‘leader among the leaders’.

In today’s markets, there is a plethora of choices if you are looking for a new ERP solution. So where should you start your research? After all, adding all options to your longlist will create an unworkable situation. This is where analyst research like that of Nucleus Research comes in handy.

This is the market overview that the Nucleus researchers gave of this year’s survey:

“Despite the disruption wrought by last year’s pandemic, we saw increased demand for ERP solutions across all industries, especially among midmarket companies. With workforces transitioning to work-from-home and hybrid set-ups, the pains of on-premises solutions, disjointed systems or manual processes now outweigh the costs of an ERP cloud migration for many businesses. ERP vendors are turning to a Platform-as-a-Service delivery model, where customers can build their own applications on top of a microservices layer for core capabilities including analytics, chatbots, data management, and API management tools. AI and IoT capabilities are table stakes at this point. And vendors compete on the extensibility of their platforms via no-code customization and application development.”

According to Nucleus Research, Microsoft has two unique offerings with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. This is what the report says about Microsoft Dynamics 365:
“Microsoft leverages a customer feedback model that allows the vendor to continue its customer-first approach through numerous community channels and user studies. Updates throughout the year have centered on improvements to core functionalities and IT compatibility. The simplifying of dimension editing for tasks such as general ledger entries was initiated in response to past difficulties in correcting errors inputted by users. At-home employees were among the most to benefit as the update allowed for rapid remediation without the need for IT personnel. The vendor continued efforts towards a user-friendly approach by enabling personalized app integration through improved VS Code and extension lifecycle telemetry for ISVs as part of the app submitting process onto the AppSource platform.”

Microsoft’s unparalleled Research & Development investments, the continuous updates to improve the core functionality, the flexible expandability using apps, the fast and affordable deployment in the cloud and the easy adaptability based on the NoCode approach, chatbots and innovative functions such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT make Dynamics 365 Business Central the perfect solution for medium-sized companies, which are already future-proof today.

In addition, with the Microsoft partner ecosystem and AppSource, Dynamics 365 customers have access to a unique offering across the entire business and technology stack.

It is therefore highly recommended to make a position on your shortlist for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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