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How do we come to the need to computerize to better manage human resources? Why do good management practices go hand in hand with the computerization of processes?

How do we come to the need to computerize to better manage human resources? Why do good management practices go hand in hand with the computerization of processes? The answer is simple and involves the need to gather indicators that are not always easily tangible to quantify, because managing human capital is very different from managing financial capital. Therefore, the keyword will be: Quantify!

How many times has a manager faced the difficulty of quantifying elements such as: degrees of effectiveness, satisfaction, involvement, expectations, training feedback and other elements that are part of how difficult it is to manage people? Many!

And it is not always possible to have these quantified elements in a report, because managing people is also managing emotions, mediating conflicts, overcoming ambitions, promoting well-being, providing growth and retaining talent.

Well then, but if many times we are still not able to calculate these numbers accurately, we may have elements gathered in a management platform that gives us indicators with a greater degree of reliability to reach some conclusions. Make decision making easier or more sustainable.

We have long gone beyond the simple management paradigm, where managing people merely meant managing admissions, absenteeism and compensation. Over time, human resource management means so much more. An importance is given to the individual that did not previously exist. The employee continues to be seen as a resource, but is now more valued for his ability to work, depending on his skills, ability to adjust and overcome within the company.

Companies now look at each other from an inside-out perspective, that is, I have what makes me different, what are the resources I need to retain and how do I retain them.

It is in this perspective that the need arises to have an application capable of facilitating the operationalization of some tasks, namely:

  • Register complete registration of collaborators;
  • Check the Salary Conditions and Fringe Benefits granted (and evolution of these conditions by employee);
  • Data underlying the performance of the Pay Roll;
  • Absentism Analysis;
  • Vacation Plan Registration;
  • Balance analysis of the Bank of Hours when it exists;
  • Structuring the Training Plan (and respective evaluations of training sessions);
  • Record the Performance Evaluation processes (record of the evaluations of employees and managers);
  • Additional information on Progression/Internal Mobility (personal perspectives of employee and respective manager);
  • Record of internal and external Recruitment processes (interview notes and any tests performed).

This is where having the right management tools makes all the difference. In a time of permanent technological evolution and in which social networks are part of the daily professional and social life of each one of us, it makes perfect sense to create tools that make management easier and reduce human error, or even time that , bring employees closer to their heads and direction.

A company that has at its disposal a computer system where all its employees’ data is compiled has a competitive advantage in its hands.

It manages to filter a series of indicators that allow it to align the company’s objectives according to the employees it has and will have a greater possibility of promoting and retaining talent.

If we add to this, the possibility of creating mechanisms where the employee himself introduces changes related to his elements, even more efficient will be the management process. Request for vacation days, days of absence, requests for various statements, viewing of pay slips and request for various clarifications are some of the examples of tasks that can be delegated to employees, if they too have access to a self-service platform ‘ easy to use, accessible anytime and anywhere they are.

By answering the initial questions, yes, we have reached the era in which computerizing is always up-to-date with good management practices.

We need to modernize technologically to achieve excellent management.