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Ventient Energy is a dynamic, pan-European renewable energy company and is currently one of the leading clean energy producers in Europe. With a multicultural and ambitious team and a clear plan for sustainable growth centered on extensive knowledge and diverse technologies, it takes the lead in the energy transition.

Its portfolio has grown rapidly since its creation in 2017, and it currently owns and operates renewable assets in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with a total installed capacity of 2.8 GW.

The company’s focus lies on renewable energy generation, a vital pillar to ensure the future of present and future generations, as well as to preserve the delicate balance of our planet. Future plans involve transcending geographic boundaries, increasing production capacity using a wide range of natural resources to promote the well-being of future generations and the sustainability of our global ecosystem.


Choosing Arquiconsult as a strategic partner was a natural decision. «Arquiconsult not only offered exceptional quality services, but also stood out in terms of financial accessibility. Having an office located in Lisbon facilitated personal communication and the effective resolution of any concerns», said Simon Pedra – IT Service Delivery & Group Application Manage, at Ventient Energy. Currently, Ventient has the support of Arquiconsult’s Managed Services team, with the experience and dedication necessary to provide services globally and in multiple geographies. Arquiconsult is committed to monitoring the entire process and business and respective solutions life cycle, guaranteeing the best response to business demands and particularities. Through a proactive action, Arquiconsult aims to optimize the implemented solutions and ensure that users make the most of it.

The collaboration between Ventient Energy and Arquiconsult team has been, according to the person responsible, «exemplary since the first day of service». The transition was carefully planned and Arquiconsult team provided training to all company users, necessary for a successful integration. Communication is constant, with weekly updates, ensuring that all parties involved are fully informed about the services provided.


With a merger currently underway «we now have to think about the next steps for the ERP, and we also had to make Ad-Hoc changes for business demand. The adaptation and personalization of systems are underway and the future promises to be even more efficient», assured Simon Pedra, IT Service Delivery & Group Application Manager.

Ventient intends to implement two new solutions in the future: D365 Customer Engagement and Power BI. At the heart of this collaboration is the deep understanding between Arquiconsult and the company regarding their specific needs, making this partnership sustainable and cost-effective.

The alliance of the two companies embodies their joint commitment to driving operational and environmental excellence, further solidifying Ventient Energy’s position as a pioneer in the renewable energy sector.