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Hertz is a well-known car rental company, with business in 145 countries on six continents, and with a strong presence in our country as well. As a result of evolution, the company felt the need to digitize and make the entire process of tolls management, for employees’ service vehicles, less bureaucratic. It was a manual process, based on Excel documents, in which employees spent a lot of time identifying the referred tolls.


We spoke with Hugo Sá, IT director at Hertz Portugal, who told us that “the company reached a point where it was no longer reasonable this process to be manual, and therefore, we had to move towards the digitalization and automation of the entire process from an IT point of view. The new software brought clear speed to the whole process.”


For the implementation of the low-code Power Platform solution, the company chose Arquiconsult, as they were already partners in other areas. “There was initial Arquiconsult training to our key users, we smoothed out some rough edges and then we did the rest of the training dissemination. Adapting to the solution was relatively easy because we chose this Microsoft environment, with which employees are already familiar and, therefore, there is always a learning curve, but choosing these technologies with which users are already used to working, this learning curve is much faster”, he said.


But what is Power Platform? It is a solution consisting of applications (apps), services, connectors, and data platform, which makes it possible, in a fast and simplified environment, to develop customized apps for a business. Thus, it is possible to quickly create apps linked to corporate data, stored in one or several online and local data sources.


As Hugo Sá explains, “this solution allowed us to reduce immense bureaucracy and made an important company process agile and fast. From the beginning of the whole process, when we receive Via Verde’s transactions, until the final moment when we allocate it to the employees, for proper transaction identification, there is no human intervention, which makes the process much faster from the starting point to the end”.


In addition, the entire system is integrated into the application, so employees have access, on their cell phone or computer, to their tolls and can classify it as being a toll in service or a toll within a private use of the vehicle and the system will take care of the rest of the process.


The experience and know-how verified in Arquiconsult’s Teams in other projects facilitated the choice of the partner for this project. “We were already working with Arquiconsult in Business Intelligence area. Our relationship has always been quite good, we noticed that there was, in fact, a lot of experience on behalf of Arquiconsult and it was a question of increasing the range of technologies where we are cooperating”, he explains. “In practice, as the treatment of tolls is closely related to our ERP and Arquiconsult has a lot of experience with NAV, we ended up choosing Arquiconsult to interconnect all these worlds, between NAV, Power Platform and our users”, he stated.


Hugo Sá believes that low-code solutions are the future, and it will bring companies a new dynamic and speed in processes, very different from the more traditional and custom-designed solutions. “I can say that, in this case, it was concretely seen that it was relatively quick to digitize this entire process and program all this interaction with employees because the solution is, precisely, a good solution. It allows agility and a much shorter implementation time than traditional solutions”, said Hugo Sá. “We trust Arquiconsult to be, effectively, our partner for ERP, Power Platform and BI solutions”, he concluded.