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In the past few decades, customization in ERP projects has caused many major technical and organizational problems. It sometimes leads to limiting organizations in their growth potential. Or even worse: to completely paralyze organizations. However, there are still organizations willing these days to start new projects with customization as the basis. There is of course a big difference between closing functional holes that are important to increase customer happiness on the one side. And customizations “just because individual employees or departments are not open to change” or “just because the technology allows us to”, on the other side. Here’s a few strong reasons why you should avoid (over-) customization in your next ERP implementation or ERP cloud migration.  

While adding software customization to your solution oftentimes is perceived as a comfortable direction on the short term, it can be (very) negative on the mid- to long-term.

In general, this is what customization can do to organizations:

  • It maintains outdated business processes
  • It extends the implementation
  • It increases complexity
  • It enlarges your dependence on individuals
  • It makes your project unnecessarily expensive and it blocks future innovation

Again: customization has paralyzed many organizations! So it’s time to rethink this traditional approach. As a customer, you have a great interest in standardizing your business processes these days. And to stay close(r) to the standard solution. Since that makes it easier for your customer to do business with you. And it makes your organisation much more scalable.

So why not turn this around and stop paying for customization? But instead start paying your favorite implementation partner for every Change Request they manage to prevent by solving it within the standard functionality? And to pay them additionally for the change management services they deliver to you to implement it this way.

If you act this way in your next ERP implementation, you will:

  • Easier modernise your business processes
  • Become a more attractive vendor and employer
  • Have cheaper, faster and less complex implementations
  • Take full advantage of all available innovations

Interested to discuss this innovative approach? Then contact today, to take your first step towards a simpler and cheaper implementation!