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Microsoft recently published interesting data regarding the performance of Dynamics 365 Business Central, her cloud ERP solution for small and medium businesses. There were many reasons for satisfaction since the number of organisations using Business Central doubled compared to a year ago. This means that more than 10,000 new customers from all over the world have been added in only 12 months’ time. This is an impressive result that makes Business Central the fastest growing ERP solution for the midmarket worldwide.

Dynamics 365 Business Central now has more than 20.000 customer organizations on its SaaS platform and it is seeing a continuous growth in the number of users per implementation. These updated numbers came from Microsoft’s general manager Mike Morton, who spoke at last month’s  DIRECTIONS event for Dynamics NAV and Business Central partners in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Just a year ago, Morton reported that Business Central exceeded the 10.000 customers milestone.

This implies a growth of 10.000 customer organizations in only 12 months’ time. And that is as much as 800+ net new customers per month! This is a huge number indeed, considering that many local ERP competitors don’t even have 800 customers in total! This growth rate continues to accelerate since the monthly increase between October 2019 and November 2020 was 500 new customers.

Microsoft has a super sharp goal for the near future. The company is committed to making Business Central ‘the world’s best ERP solution for small and medium businesses’. One of the focus areas is to further streamline the implementation. The company’s goal is to make this process both easier, faster and cheaper. That sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

The signs for further strong growth are all positive. Microsoft continues to increase the number of localized Business Central country versions. With the ambition to make this solution worldwide available. The number of active Dynamics 365 Business Central resellers grows spectacular, covering already more than 100 different countries today. And this innovative and highly motivated partner ecosystem keeps adding certified apps to AppSource. These are all important variables that predict an even stronger growth for the years to come.

The improved onboarding process combined with the fast-growing number of localized versions, reselling partners and available apps holds great expectations for a further rapid growth in the near future. So it is definitely worth considering Business Central as a serious option for your new ERP solution.