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TECLENAJUNCOR arises from the union of two historic companies in automation and transmission fields, TECLENA and JUNCOR. With highly specialized technical teams, with extensive experience and a unique range of products in Portugal, TECLENAJUNCOR’s mission is to add value to industry, developing and providing differentiated and innovative technical solutions to make it more competitive, efficient, and sustainable.


The merger of the two companies was carried out in 2022, last year, with the aim of expanding capabilities and product portfolio, and to present themselves to the market together with an unique valency in Portugal. As a result of the growth achieved in recent years, in this very specific and specialized business area, the company decided also to evolve internally, regarding the integration of new solutions and technological tools.


The option fell on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, “because it is an ERP that allows native integration with other Microsoft tools, and also because of its technological quality”, said Tiago Neves Paixão, company administrator. The need for change stemmed from “an ambitious project to increase the company’s digital sophistication and improve processes in different areas in the organization. We wanted to evolve as a company and be able to provide a better service to all our customers, and we believe that this will only be possible through a strong commitment to our entire digital platform”, said the administrator.

Expectations are high, not least because the company has also decided to move forward with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, namely Sales Module. Tiago Neves Paixão hopes with this new solution to achieve an “improvement in the quality of the service provided to our customers together with increasing the productivity of our employees. Focusing our employees on less repetitive and administrative tasks so that we can also improve their professional achievement”.


The partnership with Arquiconsult is taking its first steps, however those responsible are quite satisfied with the project leading team. TECLENAJUNCOR is, like Arquiconsult, an innovative, versatile company with a business vision very focused on delivering technology and new tools to customers. With specialized teams and excellent know-how, they are leading companies in the markets where they operate.


Given this parallelism, TECLENAJUNCOR sees in Arquiconsult a partner that “we hope will help us grow and develop our potential and will be able to bring innovative solutions to our present and future challenges”, he concluded.